The Bestselling Guide to Startup Success

You can breathe the author's vast experience in entrepreneurship in every page of this book.
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The best practical book ever written on entrepreneurship.
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Chisholm shares not with "look at me!" but with wisdom and humility that teach.
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The personal experience and stories of John are invaluable to any entrepreneur.
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John's book is sober, informative, and most importantly immediately useful!
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Read this book as you would talk to a friend, a very smart and experienced friend, interested in your success.
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A massive game changer for every entrepreneur regardless of how far along they are.
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Simply one of the best business books I’ve ever read.
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Thirty years of no-nonsense business experience.

Simply explained. Step-by-step.

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Create a Business From Your Strengths

  • Become an innovator with a proven process used by successful entrepreneurs
  • Practical ways to grow the mindset of an entrepreneur
  • Why your hobbies, part-time jobs, and time spent with family are powerful assets for your new business
  • How to learn any new technology
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Build Your Business One Day at a Time

  • Why you should not listen to your customers
  • The secret to making your passion become the perseverance that an entrepreneur needs to succeed
  • How (and why) to pick a co-founder
  • How to price products and services
  • Why better is not always best

What You Have is All You Need

  • Why having less money can make you more likely to succeed
  • Why almost all startups look for investment before they're ready (and how to know when it's time)
  • Why frugality is the greatest gift of time and money to your team
  • The essential financial skills that all entrepreneurs need
  • How to survive (and thrive) with investors
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Go Big and Scale Your Business

  • Why different is better than better
  • How to build a whole-brained team
  • Why sending intro emails to friends can change your life
  • How to design and test your product
  • How to avoid competitors
  • Learn the two key ways to scale any business
  • See why entrepreneur is the most ethical job title on earth

"This was the only way we could stay afloat...

 My composure collapsed and I broke down sobbing. Our employees stood stunned."

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What Entrepreneurs and Thought Leaders Are Saying About Unleash...

"The definitive primer for entrepreneurs, filled with invaluable wisdom and uncommon insights."

Joon Yun M.D., President, Palo Alto Investors, Creator of the $1 Million Palo Alto Longevity Prize

"Fortune 100 enterprises will find Unleash Your Inner Company invaluable."

– John S. Reed, Former Chairman of Citigroup and New York Stock Exchange

"Successful entrepreneurs like John Chisholm seldom jump conceptual and almost never write books like John’s, full of deep thinking and well worth reading."

– Bob Metcalfe, Founder 3Com, Co-inventor of Ethernet, University of Texas at Austin Professor of Innovation

"John Chisholm's successful example guides us on a fascinating journey. We learn not only how to create a company but how entrepreneurship drives economic growth and development, and how it benefits the whole of society."

– Prince Michael of Liechtenstein, Founder and Chairman of Geopolitical Information Service AG

"John Chisholm provides aspiring entrepreneurs with the mental models that most of us had to learn by making mistakes. An essential read for anybody trying to apply or build tomorrow’s technology."

– Joe Lonsdale, Co-founder of Formation 8, Palantir Technologies, Addepar, and OpenGov

"John Chisholm’s achievements as an entrepreneur reflect signature MIT values – a passion for hands-on problem solving, an affinity for technological solutions and a commitment to making the world a better place. With Unleash, he distills the lessons of a lifetime to give aspiring entrepreneurs a head start on success."

– L. Rafael Reif, President, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

"John Chisholm not only offers an excellent practical guide to entrepreneurship, but also helps you through the toughest personal decisions like what business to start and which co-founders to choose. A must-read for anyone considering starting a company from an accomplished Silicon Valley entrepreneur."

– Mark Gorenberg, Managing Director, Zetta Venture Partners

"Profitably read as a business book but, much more fundamentally, it is an insightful and inspiring guide on how each of us can achieve far more of our potential and create environments where all parties are better off."

– John Hagel, Founder and Co-Chairman of the Deloitte Center for the Edge and author

"Unleash Your Inner Company shows people from all walks of life, step by step, how to do what they love, achieve financial independence, and make the world a better place through entrepreneurship. People across the nation and the world should embrace this book."

– Lorraine Hariton, Former Special Representative for Commercial and Business Affairs, US Department of State

"Chisholm emerges as the Yoda of startups. He unleashes a rare combination of human insight and the wisdom on the inner game of entrepreneurship."

– Rob Johnson, President, Institute for New Economic Thinking

"Chisholm has written from his lifelong experience in business and created a wonderful book. Everyone should read it."

Steve Mariotti, Founder of the Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship and Author of An Entrepreneur’s Manifesto

"Those with the ambition to launch a new company should read this book carefully."

– Jim Champy, Coauthor of Reengineering the Corporation

Photo of John Chisholm, serial entrepreneur, venture investor, author of Unleash Your Inner Company

Meet The Author

John Chisholm has three decades of experience as entrepreneur, CEO, and investor.

A pioneer in online marketing research, in 1992 he founded and for five years served as CEO/Chairman of Decisive Technology (now part of Google), publisher of the first desktop and client-server software for online surveys. In 1997 he founded and for a decade served as CEO/Chairman of CustomerSat (now part of Confirmit), a leading provider of enterprise feedback management systems. Most recently, he co-founded and serves as chairman of Pyze, a mobile intelligence platform.

John is also president and chairman emeritus of the worldwide MIT Alumni Association and a trustee of MIT and of the Santa Fe Institute. He advises entrepreneurs through the MIT Venture Mentoring Service, the Thiel Foundation 20 Under 20 Fellowship, and the Plug and Play Tech Center.


"In the first half of 2001, the dot-com bust, I would often wake up around 2 a.m. with sweat-soaked sheets sticking to my skin..."

It doesn’t get easier. You get stronger.