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Praise For
Unleash Your Inner Company

The definitive primer for entrepreneurs, filled with invaluable wisdom and uncommon insights.”
– Joon Yun M.D., President, Palo Alto Investors | Creator of the $1 Million Palo Alto Longevity Prize

John's successful example guides us on a fascinating journey. We learn not only how to create a company but how entrepreneurship drives economic growth and development, and how it benefits the whole of society.”
– Prince Michael of Liechtenstein | Founder and Chairman of Geopolitical Information Service AG

“Successful entrepreneurs like John Chisholm seldom jump conceptual and almost never write books like John’s, full of deep thinking and well worth reading.”
– Bob Metcalfe | Founder 3Com, Co-inventor of Ethernet, University of Texas at Austin Professor of Innovation

“John Chisholm provides aspiring entrepreneurs with the mental models that most of us had to learn by making mistakes. An essential read for anybody trying to apply or build tomorrow’s technology.”
– Joe Lonsdale, Co-founder of Formation 8 | Palantir Technologies, Addepar, and OpenGov

“Unleash Your Inner Company reveals a path to success and is lined with lots of provocative prompts and practical guidance. John Chisholm has provided a valuable resource for anyone seeking to translate ideas into a thriving enterprise.”
– Michael Mauboussin | Head of Global Strategies, Credit Suisse

Unleash Your Inner Company shows people from all walks of life, step by step, how to do what they love, achieve financial independence, and make the world a better place through entrepreneurship. People across the nation and the world should embrace this book.”
– Lorraine Hariton | Former Special Representative for Commercial and Business Affairs, US Department of State

Chisholm emerges as the Yoda of startups. He unleashes a rare combination of human insight and the wisdom on the inner game of entrepreneurship.”
– Rob Johnson | President, Institute for New Economic Thinking

A fascinating guide to how to be an entrepreneur—and thereby do the world a favor—from one who has done it.”
– Matt Ridley | Award-Winning Author of Genome, The Rational Optimist, and The Evolution of Everything

Those with the ambition to launch a new company should read this book carefully.”
– Jim Champy | Coauthor of Reengineering the Corporation

“John Chisholm’s awesome experience gives him the expertise to write this book—so you should listen.”
– Adam Draper | CEO and Founder of Boost

A TOUR DE FORCE. Now, this is a great book. The author expertly weaves in his personal story with his numerous observations and extremely helpful suggestions for how to start a company (from even thinking of the idea behind the company in the first place) and to grow it. One of the best books about entrepreneurship out there, not to be missed.”
– Robert E. Litan | Former VP of Research and Policy, Kauffman Foundation

“Before now, startups always seemed so distant, and I didn’t know where to start. Now I realize that I have all the resources I need.”
– Ben Potash | MIT sophomore

“Full of good sense and great fun to read. If you’re starting a business, this is like having a wise advisor whispering in your ear.”
– W. Brian Arthur | Author of The Nature of Technology

Creating a successful startup may be an act of magic, but good magicians study the experts very closely; John Chisholm is an expert in startups, and he shares his wisdom in these pages.”
– Alan Cooper | Software Designer, Father of Visual Basic

“A unique combination of a personal memoir, a passionate defense of passion, and a lucid presentation of the strategies and tactics required to start and build a successful business. I love the fact that Chisholm is willing to argue for heart first, without ever compromising on experiments, analysis or reason, and his insight that economic success builds on the deepest emotional commitments.”
– David Krakauer | President, Santa Fe Institute

Profitably read as a business book but, much more fundamentally, it is an insightful and inspiring guide on how each of us can achieve far more of our potential and create environments where all parties are better off.”
– John Hagel | Founder and Co-Chairman of the Deloitte Center for the Edge and author

John Chisholm not only offers an excellent practical guide to entrepreneurship, but also helps you through the toughest personal decisions like what business to start and which co-founders to choose. A must-read for anyone considering starting a company from an accomplished Silicon Valley entrepreneur.”
– Mark Gorenberg | Managing Director, Zetta Venture Partners

“Passion, perseverance, and purpose: John Chisholm shows how to take those core ingredients and turn them into a business that can change the world for the better.”
– Ramez Naam | Award-Winning Author of Nexus

Chisholm has written from his lifelong experience in business and created a wonderful book. Everyone should read it.”
– Steve Mariotti | Founder of the Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship and Author of An Entrepreneur’s Manifesto

“Entrepreneurship is marked by the surprises of human creativity. John Chisholm has written a book that epitomizes the creativity it celebrates, and surprises us with zero-to-one insights.”
– George Gilder | Author of Wealth and Poverty; Microcosm; and Telecosm

“This practical and inspiring book will not only be an essential guide for budding entrepreneurs; it should be required reading for government regulators, who might wield their power more wisely if they understood the dampening effect of regulations on the passion and perseverance required to start a successful business.”
– Susan E. Dudley | Founder and Director of the George Washington University Regulatory Studies Center and Former Administrator of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs of the US Office of Management and Budget

“It’s been said that the entrepreneur is the artist of the business community. Chisholm’s approach provides practical steps on how to discover that artist – that “Atlas” – within. While this book has great advice for anyone starting a business – or seeking to break out from a current corporate role – it also had relevance for me as the CEO of a non-profit. John’s also a great public speaker, and his prose reflects a communication savvy that connects with the busy professional, offering ROI with wit, compelling examples, and carefully curated statistics. In the crowded field of business self-betterment books, Unleash Your Inner Company is a standout achievement.”
– J. A. Grossman | CEO of The Atlas Society